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About Pippo and me

Recording Payday Millionaire in a church gym

My name is Pietro Sammarco. My sound studio is called Pippo Sound. I do sound design and music for film, and record bands. I live in Vancouver.

I recently graduated from the Master's program in the School of Commmunication at Simon Fraser University.

I received a Bachelor in Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.

I also attended the Audio Engineering Work-Study Program at the Banff Centre, recording classical, jazz, and some folk music.

Pippo defied his classification as a "dog". It was usually easiest to call him a dog when presenting him to someone, but I became very aware that calling him "dog" linked him to all the other beings that fell under the same classification, when really, the two of us shared more things in common than I did with other "humans" and than he did with other "dogs".