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Sound Designer - Composer - Sound Engineer

Hi, my name is Pietro Sammarco. I'm a sound producer with a wide variety of skills which help filmmakers, podcasters, musicians, and visual artists deepen the meaning of their work.

I design sound and compose music for moving images

I record bands in their favourite places

I craft stories by editing hours of interviews

I create dimensional sonic textures and ambiences for podcasts

I collect sounds from the real world

I host unforgettable karaoke experiences

I'm based in Vancouver


Pippo was the dog I grew up with. He taught me important things about sound, listening, and communication.

I also teach audio production, designing workshops and mentoring for a wide range of organizations:

VIVO Media Arts Centre

Western Front

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Vancouver Public Library's Inspiration Lab

I'm the Education Coordinator at VIVO Media Arts Centre, where I get grants to carry out mentorships that I've conceived and organized in collaboration with local media instructors.

I'm co-editor of Spoox Audiozine

I was a member of local performance art group Norma

I toured extensively as a trombonist with They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

And performed Balinese inspired music with Gamelan Bike Bike

I served as a director with The Safe Amplification Site Society, a non-profit venue dedicated to music for people of all ages.

Master's from the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Studied with with Barry Truax and Stuart Poyntz

Bachelor in Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.

Completed the Audio Engineering Work-Study Program at the Banff Centre, recording classical, jazz, and folk music.