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Some Samples of My Work

↓   Excerpts of sound design I did for Sylvain Sailly's video installation, Continuum Model.   ↓
More info here.

↓   Excerpts from the action-comedy, Steel Viper Force, starring Cam MacLeod.   ↓
[Warning: Some violence and coarse language]
More info here.

↓   I did all sound design and music production for the comedy show, Weekend Leisure Network   ↓
Watch full episodes of the WLN.

↓   Sound design I did for As far upriver as you can go before having to switch to a pole, a film by Curtis Grahauer.   ↓
More info here..

↓   I made your fav theme song to your fav web series, Pantsuits!   ↓
Watch more episodes of Pantsuits.

↓   I composed this piece after I interviewed my parents while we listened back to a few tracks from my vast archive of field recordings made in Sicily.   ↓
That's where we're from.

↓   Recording and sound design I did for the H+P Show, a radio adventure created by artists Hank Bull and Patrick Ready   ↓

↓   A few tracks from albums I recorded and co-produced   ↓

↓   Interviews conducted by artist Carmen Papalia in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, which I recorded and then edited down from 5 hours to this short highlight reel.  ↓
These were conversations about accessibility.

↓   I did sound design, mixing, and mastering for this experimental podcast series by Other Sights, organized by Jen Weih.   ↓
Vanessa Campbell, Stacey Ho, Sarah Moore, and Dan Pon worked with recorded artist talks about "the foreshore"--as actual geographical place and as metaphor. Here are a couple episodes I helped them design and mix.