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Some Samples of My Work

↑   Audio Production for Moving Image - Demo Reel   ↑
[Warning: Some violence and coarse language]

↓   Sound design I did for As far upriver as you can go before having to switch to a pole, a film by Curtis Grahauer.   ↓

↑   I made your fav theme song to your fav web series, Pantsuits!   ↑
Watch more episodes of Pantsuits.

↓   Recording and sound design I did for the H+P Show, a radio adventure with Hank Bull and Patrick Ready   ↓

↓   A few tracks from albums I recorded and co-produced   ↓

↓   Interviews conducted by artist Carmen Papalia in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, which I recorded and then edited down from 5 hours to this short highlight reel.
These were conversations about accessibility.   ↓

↓   I did sound design, mixing, and mastering for this experimental podcast series by Other Sights, organized by Jen Weih and invited Vanessa Campbell, Stacey Ho, Sarah Moore, and Dan Pon to work with recorded artist talks about "the foreshore"--as actual geographical place and as metaphor. Here are a couple episodes   ↓